14/06/13 Research Task

The Teachings of the Buddha can get very complicated. But things are made a lot easier by the fact that they are split into sections- usually with a number going with them. This would have made it easier to recall and pass on the teachings in an age where the only ‘printing’ was the hand- written text.  The sections we must get to know and understand are:

1. The Three Jewels

2. The Three Marks of Existence

3. The Four Noble Truths

4. The Five Skandas (sometimes called  Five Aggregates)

5. The Noble Eightfold Path

Your task for today is to research as much as you can about each of the above and write the information in your jotters under each heading as you go. To get you started I have linked each section to Wikipedia but please use other sources and remember to acknowledge where you get your sources from. This is good practice for your  future essay writing skills.

NB you might find this interesting:

Where Buddhism and Science meet



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